6 Things Burglars Hate to See in Homes

October 22, 2011
Posted by admin

Statistics show that around one house is broken into every minute in Australia. While some burglars plan ahead by researching your routine, others will seize an opportunity if they see that your house is empty and unsecured. These are six things the intending burglar hates to see in any home.

1. Barriers to a Quick Break-In

Burglars are typically looking for a quick break-in and very fast exit. Even if they’ve ascertained that no one is home, the average burglar isn’t looking to stay around any longer than they have to. Very strong barriers and visual deterrents such as security doors and screens make it difficult to spontaneously engineer a quick break-in.

A survey by Woolcott Research found that a staggering 35 per cent of Australians leave doors and windows unlocked even when they’re not home. Not only should doors be kept securely locked at all times, it’s a good idea to enforce windows with security screens which prevent quick entry by breaking through glass. These visual and physical deterrants are great ways to keep unwanted intruders away.

2. Signs that Someone is Home

For obvious reasons, burglars don’t like signs that suggest someone is home. The sound of a TV, lights being switched on and off, radio, or people talking can all very quickly turn burglars on to the next house.

Many burglars won’t have the opportunity to come right up to your front door and ring your doorbell, or to look through your windows to verify for sure that the house is empty. So, where possible, make it look like you’re home – even when you’re not.

3. Surveillance and Bright Lighting

Burglars strongly dislike surveillance and the possibility that they’re being monitored. Bright lighting that make hiding spots highly visible are also detested by potential burglars. For this reason, a dummy camera installed near entry points or motion sensor lights can go a long way in keeping your house that much more secure.

4. Lack of Hiding Spaces

Along with being surveyed, burglars also hate the idea that they might be seen. Whether by a neighbour or passersby on the streets, the last thing a burglar wants is attention. Many homeowners may have unwittingly encouraged burglars by providing them with hiding spaces right near entry points.

Trimming tree branches back, removing overgrown shrubs, and keeping potential hiding spaces well lit are all good ways to deter burglars. Limiting access to these spaces is another effective means of doing so. Keep gates well locked and ensure your fences are properly maintained to prevent easy access to your backyard and garden.

5. Bolted Down or Locked Items

If a burglar does gain quick access, once inside the house, they’re looking for items that can be snatched and moved quickly. If you do keep valuables onsite, safes should be well concealed and bolted down. Electronic items should be kept hidden and locked away if you’re going to be away on extended trips.

6. A Lack of Routine

Burglars love predictability, especially if you have a fixed routine for coming home and leaving for work at the same time every day. While it’s both impossible and impractical for anyone to vary their schedule simply to deter potential burglars, it’s always a good idea to give out signs that you and your family are home – even when you’re not.

Make it difficult for people to guess your routine. Use a closed garage. With the range of technology devices such as timers and home automation systems available, you can also make it look like you’ve already come home for the day while you’re actually still at work.